Keith Connors

Weekdays 10a-3p

Who are the locals? You know, Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Manatees, and all our local marine life.  Sharks are cool too BTW. So far in 2021, my friends at Salty Soul Foundation have picked up over  2,300 pounds of trash from local beaches. Wow! And they make it pretty easy, and fun for all of us to get out and help “the locals” too!

Come join in Saturday, May 8th at the Dunedin Causeway. They can handle over 300 volunteers, and there is “plenty of beach” too.  Salty Soul Foundation Volunteers have cleaned over 88 miles of beaches for you, me, and the locals. They have been at it since 2017, so they know what they’re doin. Did I mention what nice, nice people they are? You’ll meet some great people, have a little fun, get your toes in the sand, and make it mean somethin’…for the locals.

You can sign up and volunteer fast and easy with Salty Soul Foundation HERE