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Be honest, what is your biggest motivation to exercise? My #1 reason for working out (if you can call it that) is to Get Outside, and away from the daily “noise”.

I don’t do much, but I do it every day. A trainer friend years ago told me, “…you can’t out-train a krappy diet”. Then she told me I was getting fat. Haaa. Yea, just FYI, the fuel is part of the training program. But, hearing “you’re gettin fat” became the #1 motivator for a bit. So. It worked.

The Pandemic has changed gym routines and any and all group training and allowed us to sit homes for months deciding what to eat. That brings me to the #2 reason I work out a little. I’m getting fat. You too? Or, maybe you’re getting a new job? Or looking for a new job? Whatever “your” reason, I’m cheerin’ ya on!

A new survey asked people to share everything that motivates them to exercise, and here are some of the less popular but totally valid reasons:

1.  I have a school reunion coming up.

2.  I want to post about my workouts on Instagram.

3.  I want to get back at childhood bullies.

4.  I want to beat my friends’ scores on an exercise app.

5.  I’ve been comparing myself to celebrities.

6.  I’m starting a new job.

7.  I want an excuse to buy new exercise clothes.

8.  I don’t like how I look on video calls.

9.  I want to improve my skin.

10.  I want to be able to reward myself with unhealthy food.  (i might insert 3 glasses of wine here)

Check out all fifty reasons HERE >>

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