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Michael Ray talked to J.R., Launa and Kevin from Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe and Michael is from Eustis, Florida, so we wanted to know where he went to school. Michael also told us about the hospital where he was born. Yes, we do talk about his song “Whiskey and Rain”.

Listen to the whole interview below.

Find out why Michael Ray told Tampa Bay's Morning Krewe, "I Wasn't Very Good At School."

Posted by 99.5 QYK on Tuesday, March 23, 2021


So what school did Michael Ray go to in Eustis, Florida? “Man, I actually was already, like, playing bars and trying to go more music. And frankly, I just wasn’t that good in school. So I went to I actually went to a place called ‘Blue Lake Academy’ that doesn’t exist anymore.” And the hospital that he was born in is also gone. “I was taking my buddy Dave a videographer around showing him some places. I realized that one, the hospital I was born at is not there anymore and my high school is gone.”

Michael also talks to us about what it’s like to tour and get to know Darius Rucker. “He’s such a great dude and just a guy’s guy. Just a great guy, you know? That you forget once you get to know him, you know, as a friend, you know what he’s done. but he’s just such a great dude that you forget that, oh, yeah, dude, you were in the biggest rock band and, you know, one of the biggest country artists, and one of your Grammys was given to you by KISS and Tupac, right?”

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