Been a beach lover since I was a kid. Even then we knew it was precious and fragile. Today, family and friends and I Paddle and Surf both coasts all the time. We also volunteer for Mote Marine every day. Anything to help protect our beaches, parks, and those we share it with. “The Locals” as my friends you’re about to meet, call them.  Marine Life and more.
I’d like you to meet John and Mary Helms aka The Salty Soul Foundation. John and Mary started cleaning beaches back in 2017 to help out a friend and his charity, as a one-time thing. Hey, you mean other people love the beach enough to take care of it too? Actually, lots of people do!
They were inspired to continue the efforts on their own. They started doing monthly beach cleanups in the Dunedin area, with only 8 volunteers.  Since 2017, The Salty Soul Foundation has collected over 6 tons of trash from local beaches, preventing it from entering the Gulf of Mexico. 6 TONS! What an amazing job!
They have had over 3000 volunteers, accumulating over 180,000 hours, and collecting that 6 tons of trash from local beaches. These cleanups have primarily taken place in the Tampa Bay area along the Gulf Coast. They are looking to expand throughout the Gulf Coast.
100% focused on cleaning our waterways and shores and keeping them that way. This ensures that the wildlife is safe from hazardous materials entering the environment through our waterways. They are an official 501(c)(3) for-impact organization that is trying to make a difference.
Here’s the downside. People still litter. Every day.
The job is never ending, and worth every minute. You too can help make a difference. You can come out and VOLUNTEER HERE join one of their monthly beach cleanups. You can DONATE HERE directly to their Foundation. It’s easy. Nothing is too small or too large.
You can follow them on FacebookInstagram & Twitter.


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