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Darius Rucker joined J.R., Launa and Kevin from Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe to talk about his 10th #1 song, “Beers and Sunshine.” We also talk about his hometown, Charleston, SC and Tom Brady.

Listen to the whole interview below.

Darius Rucker joined Tampa Bay's Morning Krewe to talk about his 10th #1 song and Tom Brady.

Posted by 99.5 QYK on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

J.R. mentions to Darius Rucker that Charleston, South Carolina is on his bucket list of places to see. “I mean, it’s a great place to come visit. The food’s amazing. The people are amazing” says Rucker. “I mean, the history that you get to learn by taking some of these walking tours and stuff. So I recommend everybody come visit.”

As far as what Tom Brady has done to Darius Rucker’s life as a Miami Dolphins fan, “First of all, he goes to New England and just dominates for, you know, wins nine Super Bowls or whatever he did. And then I’ve always believed in my heart that the Dolphins were going to be the team that won the Super Bowl at home. What does Tom Brady do? He goes to Tampa Bay and wins the frigging Super Bowl at home. Now we got nothing.”

“Beers and Sunshine” is Darius Rucker’s 10th number one and it is so timely considering what’s going on in the world. “When we were writing it we wanted, you know, we were talking about it and it got funnier. And we were like, this is a pretty cool song. And it seemed like we just wanted to give people a couple of minutes of not thinking about all this bad stuff. I mean, even though it’s bad, it’s still great, they is still good stuff in the world. And beer and sunshine is always good.”

Darius Rucker