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This has not been a normal year for couples.  So if you feel like your relationship has grown and changed a lot since the pandemic started, it probably has. Groupon hired a mathematician from Cambridge University to calculate what one year of quarantining together would translate to in normal couple years, and the answer is . . . it’s the same as being together four regular years. Exhausting, ain’t it? Haaaa. I still love ya honey! And, yes. I’m relatively comfortable living in the garage. But, can I come out now?

That’s right:  If you’ve been together for two years now, it’s actually more like five years since you spent one of those together in quarantine. 59% of couples say the pandemic has been the ultimate test of their relationship, and they haven’t been on a date in an average of five-and-a-half months.

Here’s the good news. In spite of all that, 81% said they were actually looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Awww. Ain’t that sweeeeeet.

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