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Ava Stoller

Gotta give props to Ava Stoller, she is a Sophomore at St. Pete and plays basketball and is really good!

She averages around 32 points a game.  Ava was having a great year, when it all game to a halt in December.

Ava,  who also plays soccer, was subbing for a goalie who was out of town and got hit from the side. She went down – felt like she got the wind knocked out of her, but got back up and finished playing the game.

She went home and new it wasn’t good….so off to the E.R. she went.

Her cat scan revealed she suffered a stage 4 kidney laceration, and her doctors told her the season for her was over.

Well…that didn’t stop her.  She worked hard and she is back playing basketball for the Green Devils!

We spoke to Ava about her story and are so proud of her dedication and persistence at such a young age.

We’re all rooting for Ava and the Green Devils!!!

Ava is also the daughter of Launa’s hair stylist Lori, so this was close to the QYK family.

You can also see the story that BayNews9 did on Ava

St. Pete's Ava Stoller ready for comeback after injury

St. Petersburg, Fla. -- Don't let her size fool you. St. Pete High sophomore Ava Stoller is as tough as they come. "You got some people who are naturally athletic, some people have natural skill, I think with Ava she just has natural hustle, said AJ Williams, Ava's personal basketball trainer.

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