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A man zip-lined across the old Skyway Sunshine Bridge to save a pelican’s life.  The bird was tangled up in fishing lines and lures and couldn’t fly.  He had been there for a few days and would have died, so he got his gear out and zip-lined across the bridges to save the bird.

He zip-lined 30 feet above the gulf waters and got the bird to safety.

The bird is now at Save Our seabirds in Sarasota and is doing just fine.

You have to watch the video at Fox13 posted below.

Huge props to Mike Bitler of St. Pete for coming to the rescue!

Good Samaritan performs zip-line rescue of entangled pelican on Skyway

How far would you go to help an injured bird? When volunteers from Friends of Pelicans spotted a young pelican entangled in fishing line on a span of the old Skyway Sunshine Bridge, they knew he would die if they didn't do something.

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