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‘You’re ruining a good thing,” is what Natalie said to Tim and today’s Second Date Update. Tim called us up and needed out help with asking Natalie something. They have been out on three dates and Tim wants to ask Natalie to Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Tim told us that her family doesn’t live here and since they have been out three times maybe she would want to join him. They both love our show, so that is why Tim is asking her through our show.

This sounds like a great idea, so why did Natalie end up telling Tim, “You’re ruining a good thing?”

Tampa Is One Of Best Thanksgiving Destinations

Tampa is one of the best Thanksgiving destinations, so if you live in the Tampa Bay area there is no need to go anywhere. The study comes from WalletHub where they compared the 100 largest U.S. cities. They based the list on metrics including Thanksgiving celebrations and traditions, affordability, safety and accessibility. They also included the number of airport delays and the Thanksgiving weather forecast.

Atlanta is the #1 Thanksgiving destination this year. Atlanta has the highest number of Thanksgiving events per capita and also scored high for weather and safety and accessibility.

Tampa is #6 on the list and came is high on Thanksgiving celebrations and traditions and weather forecast. So, Tampa is one of the best Thanksgiving destinations.

Check out the Top 10 below.