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Second Date Update: One of the biggest turn offs on a first date can be someone on their phone. Lisa was guilty of that on her date with Rob at Palm Pavilion in Clearwater. Rob is not the social media type so he asked Lisa “Can you please put your phone down!” Lisa scrolled through Tik Tok on their date and that was not exactly his idea of a real date. However Lisa insisted that she was just trying to document their time together. As the date went on Rob became more frustrated with her and he asked her again “Can you please put your phone down!” Obviously this would be a deal breaker for most but would it be for Rob?

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Are These The Best 10 Debut Country Songs Of All Time?

When you are a brand new artist and finally have a song out on the radio you only hope for the best. Some artist’s first song really jump starts their career. Are these the best 10 debut country songs of all time?

Taste of Country put together a list of the best debut country songs of all time.

  • Blake Shelton - "Austin"

    “Austin” was Blake’s first song released to radio in 2001. It also became his first #1 song. Blake now has 28 #1 songs and has gone on to be a country superstar.

  • Taylor Swift - "Tim McGraw"

    Taylor is one of the world’s biggest pop stars, but this song was released when she was on 16-years-old. It didn’t reach #1 on the country charts, but it definitely started a very special singing career.

  • Florida Georgia Line - "Cruise"

    Now this was a huge song for FGL. They even did a remix version of the song with Nelly. They have 13 #1 songs in their career. Unfortunately, FGL broke up in 2022 with Brian and Tyler starting solo careers.

  • Brooks and Dunn - "Brand New Man"

    The song was released in 1991 and featured Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks who both tried a solo career before teaming up to make maybe the most successful duo in country music history. They have 20 #1 song, but this one kicked off their career.

  • Billy Ray Cyrus - "Achy Breaky Heart"

    Who doesn’t love this song? It was a big song for Billy Ray in 1992. The album that song came from is called Some Gave All. That album went 9X multi-platinum in the United States and is the longest time spent by a debut artist at number one on the Billboard 200.

  • LeAnn Rimes - "Blue"

    She was just 13-years-old when this song was released. The song didn’t go #1 just it definitely put LeAnn on the map.

  • Toby Keith - "Should've Been A Cowboy"

    Yes, it was his very song song that he released to radio. It also was his very first #1 song. Toby has celebrated 20 of his songs going to #1.

  • Trisha Yearwood - "She's In Love With the Boy"

    Another song that was released in 1991 that kick started a country music career. This song went #1 and so did 4 other Trisha songs.

  • Zac Brown Band - "Chicken Fried"

    Released in 2008 it became the band’s first #1 song. 14 of their songs have gone to the top of the country charts.

  • Brad Paisley - "Who Needs Pictures"

    This is a song that you may not remember. It was the name of Brad’ first album and the song only reached #12w on ther country music charts. Brad has gone on the celebrate 21 #1 songs since his debut single.