3 brothers will make history flying to D.C.

All 3 brothers fought in wars, 1 in Korea, and 2 in Vietnam.  They will be honored in D.C. for their service, and for the first time in history 3 family members will be on this flight.

When I was In the Marines, I met a man who had fought in all 3 major wars.  WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

The man was a total badass, honestly no other word can describe him.

Of course I had a million questions for this man, and one of the best answers I have ever heard about life was this.

“Life is hell, and you’re going to go through things that will push you mentally and physically.  The only way to get through it, is to build camaraderie with your fellow man.  They only way to do that, pain, misery, and having a beer after.  Bleed with your fellow man, cry with your fellow man, and at the end of it all.  Grab a beer, and laugh with your fellow man.”

Gentlemen you have made it through hell, now go celebrate with a beer, and a good laugh.  You all have earned it