Fall started on September 23rd, and it didn’t seem right.  We should be focused on football, and all the holidays coming up.  However we can’t seem to let summer go.  Pumpkin spice tried it’s best to push us in to fall, and the tease of the halloween candy almost had me.

The Tampa Bay Rays are fighting for us to have one more month of summer.  Peanuts, hotdogs, and flat beer still hold true as the Tampa Bay Rays are rolling in to the playoffs.  A World Series on their mind, and getting the city of Tampa to rally behind them for once.  Baseball isn’t the most popular sport anymore, but it still holds a special place in every American’s heart.

Baseball is the official smell of summer, fresh cut grass, sunflower seeds, and the smell of a stadium build in 1923.  Baseball is the only sport that stops time during the fall.  It makes us hold on to what we love about summer.  Almost like the movie “Sandlot” we’re like a group of kids trying to make this summer the best summer of our life’s.

Summer can’t be over until your favorite baseball team is out of the playoffs.  Keep wearing your shorts, and favorite players jersey.  Don’t let the start of the school year, or football season, or the fact that it’s almost time for Halloween stop you from going to the Trop.

9 men will travel to Oakland to keep summer alive in Tampa.  Forget the chatter of our team moving to Canada, forget the fact the city won’t build them a new stadium, and forget the fact everyone else keeps saying it’s Fall.

It’s still summer time in Tampa Bay, and it doesn’t turn fall until this Cinderella story is over.

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