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Tampa Bay Rays are in the MLB playoffs and today was the first game of the ALDS series against the Astros in Houston, Texas.

Although they lost today’s game (6-2), they still have a shot to make it to the World Series!

ABC Action News and many fans asked the question:  Could a playoff run impact the Rays’ future in Tampa Bay?

The Rays will play the third game in the ALDS series at home in Tropicana Field on Monday, breaking a 6-year hiatus in post-season games. Reports circulated earlier this year that the Rays owners might have the team play half of their season in Canada but we are hoping this playoff run will change all of that… Hopes are high! The Rays are moving up and as long as we support our local team we can give the owners confidence to get a new stadium for the team. We all hope that the Rays don’t end up in Montreal.