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Chris Janson is a busy man, on tour, writing songs, and dropping a new album on October 18th.

“Real Friends” will have 13 new tracks, and will feature legends like Blake Shelton.

Check out his hit single from the album, “Done”

Real Friends track list:

  1. “Good Vibes”
  2. “Check” 
  3. “Done” 
  4. “Normal People” 
  5. “Say About Me”
  6. “Waitin’ on 5”
  7. “Hawaii on Me”
  8. “Mine Does”
  9. “God’s Gotta Be a Good Ole Boy”
  10. “Real Friends (feat. Blake Shelton)”
  11. “Everybody’s Going Through Something” 
  12. ” Beer Me”
  13. “Country USA”