I am extremely bitter at the fact Blake Shelton, and Miranda split up.  I thought for sure they’d be the next power couple of the country music world.  Of course now we know that didn’t happen.  Miranda has had multiple relationships since Blake, the East guy, Evan Felker, but now she is happily married to Brendan McLoughlin.  A NY Police Office who honestly struck gold.  Not in the money sense, but let every average guy know they still have a chance to hit it big with a celebrity.

It has been rumored that their marriage was on the rocks, which isn’t surprising.  Think back to when Britney Spears married that one average joe from high school, that marriage lasted a day.  It would be terrible for Brendan, marrying one of the most beautiful women, not only in country music, but the world.  To only have it all taken away in divorce.

Inside Edition charged Miranda at an airport to ask her questions about her marriage.  Saying, “If I say something will you leave, please?” she asked  Inside Edition adding, “Like, the world should mind their own (expletive) business.”

No one is famous, so we really can’t imagine what it’s like for people to constantly be watching you.  So commenting on her language would be unfair.  That being said, why not say your marriage is fine?  Why would she let the tabloids spread rumors about Brendan, and her?  Due to Miranda’s past its not unfair to say her relationships might end.

Needless to say Miranda’s marriage is still going strong, but if she does find herself single again.  Just stay that way, marriage wouldn’t be for you…