He’s one of the most popular “stars” of Live PD weekends on A&E. In fact, he says he gets “a lot” of marriage proposals. But Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Nick Carmack says one of the things he hates most is hospitals and doctors. And after seeing this video, we know why. I’m going to warn you because Nick doesn’t! The video gets bloody and gruesome at about 1 minute in when he shows an injury he sustained to his finger. Deputy Carmack whips his cell phone out and shows us how deeply he was cut. After looking at the video, it’s incredible how well it healed.

In the rest of the video, we learn he’s got a fear of needles and operates heavy equipment when he’s off duty during a “5 Things You Didn’t Know” segment on PSO Day In The Life, a YouTube series produced by the PCSO.

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