We’re learning more about what happened Saturday when Pasco County Corporal Steven Walker hit that parked car and was charged with DUI.

Walker is well known and liked after many appearances on the A&E TV show “Live PD,” but the details are now coming out today about the events of Saturday night.

Channel 8 reports Walker refused to take a breath test when he was arrested. The police documents say cops responded to the scene at Delaware Avenue in New Port Richey at about 2:45AM. They say he admitted to driving the car alone that crashed into the parked car. Walker claims he swerved to not hit an animal.

The cop on the scene says Walker was glassy-eyed and not taking the situation seriously. The officer smelled alcohol on Walker’s breath and that he slurred his speech. They also say he was mumbling presumably so the odor of alcohol would be less apparent and that he was laughing about the incident.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Walker’s Twitter hoping for a statement. None yet.

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