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Live PD’s Nick Carmack says since A&E began filming in Pasco County, there’s been an unexpected change in criminal behavior. There’s been a controversy since A&E’s TV crews started following Pasco County Sheriff’s Officers. Has being featured on the show been a good thing for residents? Many say the scenes of drugs and violence paint Pasco County in a bad light. Carmack says it’s definitely been a positive. He says crime around Pasco County on Friday and Saturday nights plummets when the show is on the air: “I think it’s shut down. Everything’s very quiet now on Friday and Saturday nights. You don’t want to be on national television getting arrested.”

Carmack says it’s also been a good thing because viewers get to see police life unfiltered… you don’t just see the exciting stuff like COPS. There’s little to no editing and you see everything.

A Fox reporter also asked Nick if he gets any marriage proposals. His answer: “A lot.” Nick Carmack says he’s not married. But he is off the market. Sorry ladies.