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There have been rumors that the enormous grocery store chain Kroger will open up in the Tampa area. And the Tampa Bay Business Journal says they are ready to serve Tampa Bay customers. But there’s a catch.

This isn’t Kroger’s first time in Tampa. But this time it’s different. You won’t be able to walk into an actual Kroger store and wander the aisles. For now at least, Kroger will only offer grocery delivery service in the Tampa area. Delivery in Orlando started last month.

Kroger’s online job applications show that work is available at a Tampa fulfillment center, or as they call it, a “spoke.” It’s located at 1820 Massaro Blvd near the I-4/I-75 split. In some parts of the country, Kroger is even using drones to deliver goods. I think just regular delivery in Tampa is fine for now…

[Source: TBBJ]

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