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Who has the best Cuban sandwich and pizza are the two most debated food fights in Tampa Bay. Lifelong Tampa residents swear to me that Eddie and Sam’s is the best pizza they’ve had. To that I always say, you need to travel. You don’t even need to travel to New York City. Just travel across the Courtney Campbell so you can try excellent pizza at Cristino’s Coal Over Pizza in Clearwater. Or if that’s too far, you can even just drive a couple miles to Grimaldi’s at Westshore Plaza.

I’ve been to Eddie and Sam’s three times. I didn’t walk away feeling like I had a life-changing pizza experience. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not bad. Eddie & Sam’s has good pizza. It’s just not great. It’s not a destination pizza. But if I was seeing a movie at Tampa Theatre and felt like a slice, Eddie and Sam’s is where I’d go.

Barstool Sports seems to agree. For those unfamiliar, Barstool is a blog mostly for guys. There’s sports, eye candy, funny stuff, weird stories and pizza. Wherever they travel, they put the local favorite pizza to the test. Yesterday, Tampa was on the itinerary. And their reaction to Eddie and Sam’s is pretty much spot on with my reaction. They give it a 7.1.

The best part of the video is when one of Eddie & Sam’s own employees saw Barstool filming and decided to jump in the video. Without an ounce of sarcasm, he gave Eddie & Sam’s pizza is “a little bit better than Pizza Hut.” Now that’s an endorsement right there.

But to each his own. Some like Lee’s Grocery. New York New York has its fans. If you’d like my take on your favorite pizza in Tampa Bay, chances are we talked about it on this podcast:

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