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It’s time to find some new pizza spots. Pizza joints in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater and Odessa rank in the top 10 with online reviewers. I agree with the top choice because it’s my favorite spot. It’s pizza that’s so good, the first time I had it, I didn’t even bother to have pizza when I went to New York City on vacation the week after.

However, the rest of the Top 10 I take issue with. Some of these places I’ve never even heard of.

When I first moved from Hillsborough to the Pinellas side of Tampa Bay, I complained that Tampa had all the good pizza and St. Pete and Clearwater need to step up. I had a hidden agenda. I knew there were probably spots I hadn’t found yet. But when you talk pizza, people get passionate. I knew making a bold, and probably false, statement like that would rile some people up and I’d have some good places to try. You didn’t let me down.

Let’s talk pizza.

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