Trip Advisor ranked the best 25 pizzas in the country for 2018 and my personal favorite is getting the national attention it deserves. It’s the place that 99.5 QYK listeners told me for YEARS to check out but I was stubborn. I was insistent the best pizza was on the Hillsborough side of Tampa Bay. You were right. I was wrong. It’s in Clearwater.

The first time I had Cristino’s Pizza, it was so good that I didn’t even seek pizza out when I went to New York City the next week on vacation. My friends… that’s a crime. NYC is world-renowned for its pizza. But Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza was so incredible, I didn’t even bother trying to hunt down anything better in the Big Apple. If you’ve never been to Cristino’s, it’s not far from where we do our QYK concerts at Coachman Park. Just head a few minutes south on Fort Harrison and you’ll see it on the left.

If you’re curious, the spot that Trip Advisor ranked #1 is Pizzeria Regina in Boston. Being a former Boston guy, I’ve had plenty of slices at Regina. It’s great pizza. Let me tell you something. Cristino’s is better. I’ve had the #2 ranked pizza too (Bleecker Street Pizza in New York City). Same thing. It’s great. Cristino’s is better. The only pizza I might like better than Cristino’s is Micucci’s Sicilian Slabs in Portland, Maine. Many QYK listeners have given it a try and will back me up. It’s a very different style than Cristino’s. It’s a thicky puffy crust.

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