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The Airbus "Beluga" departs. WOW HUGE!

Check out Airbus's Beluga XL aircraft - nicknamed the "whale in the sky" took n off for the first time.  The plane has been designed to move oversized aircraft components and has an extra 30 per cent capacity on the current Beluga planes that it will replace.  Would you fly on this as a Passenger Plane?

Eating Before Bed Could Increase Risk Of Cancer

Snacking or eating dinner too late could increase the risk of cancer,  a study showing the damage of disrupting the body’s internal clock.Spanish scientists say people who regularly ate their evening meal after 9pm, or less than two hours before going to sleep, had a 25 per cent raised risk of breast and prostate cancers. The team, from…

What Would You Do With $422 Million?

What would you do if you hit it big in the lottery?   The Mega Millions jackpot is at $422 million for Friday night's drawing   It's the  7th time that the jackpot for Mega Millions gone over the $400 million mark.   It's now the 6th largest prize in the game's history.  Ok to dream huh?  

A Woman Uses Her "Mom Voice" to Scare Off a Bear

LOL A Lady was on her the porch in Lake Tahoe, California when she saw a black bear heading toward the steps.   As Scared as she was  she tried to scare it away by using her "mom voice."  She yelled, "Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.  Go!  Go away."    So Much for playing…

Danica Patrick Opens Up On Dating Aaron Rodgers

Danica Patrick was  on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night to promote her ESPYS.  She talked a lot about her boyfriend, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodger.   She is now "the biggest Packers fan" now even though she grew up a fan of the Chicago Bears.