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Do you believe?  Is it possible private thoughts in your head could influence how other people or creatures — act?   Hmmm.  Maybe?

Because to say yes would be to admit you believe in mind control or telekinesis or some other phenomenon usually reserved for superhero comic books.

A research psychologist Bob Rosenthal wasn’t so sure. So to test his hypothesis, he designed am experiment

Late one night in his research lab he hung signs on all the rat cages. Some signs said that the rat inside the cage was incredibly smart, while others said that the rat inside was incredibly dumb (even though neither of these things was true). “They were very average rats that you would buy from a research institute that sells rats for a living,” says Rosenthal.

Next he brought a group of experimenters into his lab and assigned each of them to a rat. He told them that over the next week, their job was to run these rats — some of whom were very smart and some of whom were very stupid — through a maze and to record how well it does. The results were dramatic: The allegedly smart rats did almost twice as well as the dumb rats, even though they were all the same kind of albino lab rat.

Do you believe in some forms of Telekinesis?  I have texted someone and they were texting me at same time.  Or thinking of someone then the phone rings with hem calling you.