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Finding good help these days is a challenge. With so many opportunities out there, employers have had to step their game up. Higher wages certainly help. Better benefits? That’s attractive to many too. But one restaurant owner in Miami might have found the most attractive incentive around: long, long weekends.

Fox 13 reports that Justin Lindsey, who owns a Chick-fil-A in Miami, has completely restructured the work week for his employees. Instead of a 5 day work week, he has them do extra long shifts – kind of like those in the medical field do. His employees work in “pods” with a long 13 or 14 hour shift THREE days a week. While that makes for a really long exhausting work day, it means his employees get a 4 day weekend every week. They’re saying service, efficiency, and overall performance are all way up and that food inspections have gone perfectly.

Since word started spreading of the revised work week, he’s been getting overwhelmed with applications. Would this work for you at your job? Tweet your thoughts to @GenoRadio and I’ll include them below. [Source: Fox 13]

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