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Thirty-three sites around the country will take part in a study to test the effectiveness of a COVID-19 vaccine. Even though Florida has had it much worse than the rest of the country, only one research center in Orlando will take part. The Orlando Immunology Center will work with study participants who are at high risk, especially healthcare workers, who will try out vaccines in development. About 30,000 will take part, according to the OIC website. They say there are about 115 current candidates for a COVID-19 vaccine. If you’d like to take part, fill out the form on their web site. Or you can call 407-647-3960.

10 States Florida Travelers Might Want To Avoid

You don’t want to spend your vacation in quarantine, but if you travel right now to these states, that’s how you’ll spend your trip. Chances are you only get two weeks of vacation a year. So these are states you should avoid traveling to right now, according to Channel 8. Many of these states are worried about travelers from coronavirus hotspots like Florida so they’re imposing a mandatory 14 day quarantine period.