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At the moment, only those 60 and over are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but that will change next week. While those under 60 in certain professions can get the vaccine, the minimum age for the general public is currently 60. That will drop to 50 beginning Monday.

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Governor DeSantis made that announcement during a press conference this morning. He says once approximately 70% of seniors get vaccinated, the assumption is just about all who’ve had the shot who will get one, will have gotten one. He says vaccine skepticism is keeping 15 to 30% of seniors from getting vaccinated so it’s time to drop the minimum age. The governor said the state will not use vaccine passports or make vaccinations mandatory.

The governor said retail pharmacies like Publix, Walmart, CVS and Sam’s Club have been a big help in getting the number of vaccinations performed. An estimated 150,000 shots are going in arms on a typical weekday. With the weather turning hotter and muggier, those big outdoor tents will be less attractive so they hope to have all CVS locations administering the vaccine soon.

Others who can get an appointment now include:

The “medically vulnerable”
This one is a bit vague. If you boil it down, it basically means you just need a doctor’s note to get the vaccine. You can choose to get your vaccination at the Tampa Greyhound Track, Publix or another participating pharmacy.

Health care workers including office staff
The expansion includes a clinic in Pinellas County opening up Monday (March 8) that’ll be exclusively for physicians, paramedics, EMTs, nurses, home health and medical equipment providers, therapists, dental employees, and pharmacists. It also includes office staff.

School Employees, Firefighters, Law Enforcement
Those who fall under these categories who are 50 and over can now sign up without an invitation.

If you don’t fall under one of these groups, the wait shouldn’t be much longer. President Joe Biden and Governor Ron DeSantis have both said that there will be enough coronavirus vaccine for all adults by May 1.

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