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A few weeks back when all Pub Subs went on sale, we did a QYK poll on which Pub Sub is the best of the bunch. By far the runaway winner with 42% of the vote was the chicken tenders sub. It had more than twice as many votes as the runner up (The Ultimate Sub).

Well Chicken Tender Pub Sub fans, clear your lunch schedule. The QYK listener favorite goes back on sale tomorrow (March 21, 2019) at Publix. The full size will be $6.99. It’s not quite as big of a deal as the sale a couple weeks ago when all subs were $5.99. But it’s still $2 off. And this time the sale runs a full week until March 27.

Lines during the Pub Sub sales can be long at the deli. Pros know to order online! Takes about 3 minutes to enter the info. But when you get to the store, walk in, grab your Pub Sub and head to checkout. You’re in and out in 5 minutes max.