With no Tampa show on the horizon, the envy is real. The 2019 country concerts list is stacked. But The Chief is missing. Friday night, Eric Church kicked off his Double Down Tour. No opening act. Just hours of stuff from all six albums. Hopefully he changes his mind about leaving Florida off the itinerary. Otherwise, might be time to get on Priceline. Here are the songs played on night 1 of 2, according to Rolling Stone.

Set 1:
1. “Knives of New Orleans”
2. “Desperate Man”
3. “How ‘Bout You”
4. “Mr. Misunderstood”
5. “Cold One”
6. “Over When It’s Over”
7. “Can’t Take It With You”
8. “Drink in My Hand”
9. “Carolina”
10. “Higher Wire”
11. “Before She Does”
12. “Talladega”
13. “Hangin’ Around”
14. “The Outsiders”

Set 2:
15. “The Snake”
16. “That’s Damn Rock & Roll”
17. “Record Year”
18. “Monsters”
19. “Pledge Allegiance to the Hag”
20. “Jack Daniel’s”
21. “Mixed Drinks About Feelings”
22. “Runaway”
23. “I Ain’t Living Long Like This”
24. “Longer Gone”
25. “Smoke a Little Smoke”
26. “Heart Like a Wheel”
27. “Some of It”
28. “Keep On”
29. “Give Me Back My Hometown”
30. “These Boots”
31. “Springsteen”
32. “Just Kissed My Baby”
33. “Holdin’ My Own”

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