Do you have to ask? Of course it’s another one of Geno’s #OnlyInFlorida stories.

23 year old Anthony Gallagher had the munchies late Saturday night. Not much was open at 2AM but he found a McDonald’s open. He pulled into the drive thru, according to ABC Action News. But there was one problem. McDonald’s takes cash, credit cards… even Apple Pay. But they don’t take weed.

Yes, cops say Gallagher asked if he could pay for his order with marijuana. The McDonald’s employee apparently declined the offer. Gallagher drove off without his bag of Golden Arches. So what did he do? He went back around and pulled up to the drive-thru to try it again. Hey. If at first you don’t succeed, right?

By that point, a cop was on the scene. They found 11 grams. Gallagher says it was a joke. Cop didn’t find it as funny. He’s now got DUI and marijuana posession charges.

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