Tomorrow (Monday, December 3), Beth Chapman will get word from doctors about how her surgery went last week. She was rushed into the emergency room last week when she was having difficulty breathing. Doctors told her that her cancer had returned.

Radar Online reports Beth isn’t waiting for the results from doctors. She insisted on going home to Colorado. She was wheeled on to the plane and even though doctors asked her not to leave, Duane “Dog” Chapman told Radar Online “She was adamant. She just wanted to be home.”

Dog went on to give details about the events of last week: “I’m nervous about the test results. It’s like you kinda know what’s gonna happen, but you’re hoping and praying it’s not. They say the cancer follows the path of least resistance, so it goes downward. Half of her lung was full of water.”

The one bit of good news from the article is that Dog says Beth is breathing ok.

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