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I guess I can kind of see the point, but man as if our friends up north dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael aren’t miserable enough, they aren’t allowed to buy alcohol! reports Bay and Gulf counties have BANNED the sale of booze until the State of Emergency is over. Panama City Beach is excluded. They voted to keep selling alcoholic drinks legal until 10pm.

A rep for Gulf County Sheriff Mike Harrison apparently told a newspaper up there “People need to not focus on drinking.”

Can you imagine sweating day after day and not being able to at least enjoy a beer? If there was every a reason to evacuate, a week later they finally have it!

Update: This was posted to the Bay County Emergency Services Facebook page

“Effective immediately throughout Bay County, the curfew is now in place from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Alcohol sales are permitted during non-curfew hours.”

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