Tuesday 10/9 UPDATE: Voluntary Evacuations in Pasco County

Monday 10/8 UPDATE: Click here for the latest on the storm, including its expected impact on Tampa Bay.

Original story from Sunday night:
We passed the peak of hurricane season a month ago, but sure enough here we are learning all about spaghetti models again here in October. The 11pm readings just came out on Tropical Storm Michael. It is likely to reach hurricane strength Monday. But all of the models earlier today had it pointing toward the Florida Panhandle with a likely arrival on Wednesday. All but one still do.

The newest model has one (and only one) spaghetti model that puts the track of the hurricane just south of Tampa.

Fortunately it’s only 1 of the dozens of models they look at. So for now, no panic. Just something we need to keep an eye on over the next day or so. So instead of freaking out, I’ll just leave this here for good luck.

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