This week’s report is out. This is the only thing I HATE about Fridays. I always dread seeing this report … mostly because I suspect one day I’m going to see my favorite Chinese restaurant on it. And when I saw “China Wok,” my heart skipped a beat. Fortunately it’s not the one I go to.

According to Channel 8, here were the biggest offenders for the week of August 20-25.

CHILL RESTAURANT in St. Pete Beach: 32 violations.

CHINA WOK in Land O Lakes, 30 violations including raw chicken being stored over raw beef and a worker who didn’t wash his or her hands after touching a “soiled apron.” Yum.

HOOKS ON 4th on 4th Street in St Pete: 28 violations. Ugh another one I’ve been to plenty of times… used to love going to this place on my lunch hour for Chicken Pad Thai. Inspectors apprently found some kind of “mold-like substance” in the ice bin. That’s nice.

Other restaurants on this week’s list: Amici’s in Oldsmar, the Steak N Shake in Wildwood, China Gourmet III in The Villages, and sure enough… a favorite for many of us here at the station since it’s right down the street: Babalu on 4th Street in St. Pete.

Source: Channel 8

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