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SPRINGFIELD, VA - AUGUST 14: Customers walk outside a Target store August 14, 2003 in Springfield, Virgina. Target Corp. reported a four percent increase in second-quarter profits. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

This is crazy. Police are on the hunt for 2 guys who visited over a dozen Target stores and bought computer hard drives. They then returned all of them AFTER they filled the boxes with Play-Doh and kept the hard drives. They’re valued at just over $6,000.

ABC Action News reports they are looking for 36-year-old Jose Rivera Jr. of Winter Park and 32-year-old Rainer Bentulan of Orlando.

It seems they got away with it because they appear to have gutted the insides of the hard drives and put the Play-Doh-filled outer shells of the hard drives back in the box. So customer service employees at Target probably peeked inside and felt the weight and issued refunds.

I can’t believe they got away with this… let alone 16 TIMES!? Yikes. That Play-Doh smell would’ve tipped me off!

Ready for the ultimate irony? I saw a tweet that Play-Doh is on sale at Target this week. D’oh!

Source: ABC