Forbes' List of Highest-Paid Country Artists

It's no secret that celebrities work hard and subject themselves to a lifestyle many of could not live to make a lot of money. Forbes has released a list world's highest-paid celebrities for 2018. The list is very versatile because it includes athletes, actors, musicians and others who contribute to the entertainment business. It's no…

Brett Eldredge: Beach Bod Expert

CMT had Brett Eldredge on their countdown show and challenged Brett to identify the country stars by their beach bod photos. I was only able to guess 2 of these correctly. How many did you get right? Brett wasn't stumped by any of them.

Country Stars' Real Names

We've come to love some of these country artists throughout the years, but did you know most of them don't use their real names? That's right! Many of your favorite artists use stage names! You will be surprised to find out what some of their actual names are - you'll also see why they prefer…

Country Stars' First Movie Roles

Some of your favorite country artists have also dipped their toes into the acting pool. Some of these artists actually surprised us, we never knew they had acting experience. You might want to add some of these films to your watch list.

This Guy Says Jason Aldean Stole His Song

I don't hear it at ALL. This Canadian country singer, Connor Shaw, is saying Jason Aldean stole the song "Easy" from him. Take a listen and let me know what you think @WQYKGeno on Twitter. Vanilla Ice doing country now? But srsly, no, I don’t hear it either. — Onion #5 Now with Spontinuity! (@lavoixinconnue)…