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Original story:

When I found out Darius Rucker is a big fan of old school pro wrestling, I couldn’t wait to talk to him at the ACM Awards. Wait til you hear how much Darius dropped on a “Nature Boy” Ric Flair robe at a charity auction. Kip Moore was walking by and we learned he was a big fan of Lex Luger and The Road Warriors. While Darius and I agree that Ric Flair was the man, Darius’ pick for the worst member of the New World Order (NWO) is terrible! His pick for the worst member MADE the NWO in my opinion.

Oh. We also talked music.

Darius and Kip are clearly big fans of each other. Kip talked about how Darius treats his opening acts right with some pretty cool pre-show rituals. Darius says “Kip Moore is a bad man… but he can’t play golf worth a crap.”

Darius talked about his upcoming Tampa show with Lady Antebellum (which was a poorly kept secret for months). Kip meanwhile dropped some news that he’s got plans to do an acoustic tour every year of about 6 theatres and he might record one of them for an album.

And the only way I could end the interview is to have Darius Rucker do the Ric Flair “Woooooo!” And he did it!

August 21 Update:
So Kip has tweeted a possible announcement… “Acoustic… Finally happening.” Back when Geno talked to him at the ACMs, Kip mentioned he wants to do an acoustic tour of small theaters and a QYK listener asked if there might be an acoustic album too. Here’s the interview if you missed it! Jump ahead to the end of the interview for the part about an acoustic album and tour.

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