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We are not surprised that three roads in Florida made the list of the worst in the country.  It seems like we sit in traffic way too much, and after reading this story, well, you’ll be surprised at how much time you loose sitting in traffic.

Found this story from WFLA.com and it was from a study that was done in 2021 from the Vacationer website.

We all know that I-4 is the worst.   I-4 hits its biggest slog time in the area between Beachline Expressway to Florida State Road 429, which is a loss of 74 hours per year stuck on the road and unable to go.  If you have to travel a lot around Orlando, then you probably lose even more hours, especially if you’re traveling on US-17 South.  Another road that makes the top 10.   I-95 in Miami also makes the list, the worst part being on I-95 South from I-195 to 51st Street, where you will lose 57 hours.

Well…it’s a lot in Florida, but it’s not L.A. traffic which is absolutely the worse. I-5 South in L.A comes in at #1 on the list.



  • #1. I-5 South in Los Angeles

    The average delay is 22 minutes and you will lose a total of 89 hours

  • #2. I-27 West In New York, NY

    The average delay is 20 minutes and you lose almost 77 hours

  • #3. I-4 West in Orlando, FL

    Average delay is 19 minutes and 74 hours lost

  • #4. I-95 North in Bridgeport, Conn

    Average delay is 18 minutes and 72 hours lost

  • #5. I-580 East in Dublin, CA

    Average delay is 15 minutes and 61 hours lost

  • #6. I-95 in Stamford, Connecticut

    Average delay is 15 minutes and 61 hours lost

  • #7. US-17 South in Orlando, FL

    Average delay is 15 minutes and 59 minutes lost

  • #8. I-95 North in Miami, FL

    Average delay is 15 minutes and 57 hours lost

  • #9. I-95 South in New York, NY

    Average delay is 13 minutes and 55 hours lost

  • #10. I-10 East in Los Angeles, CA

    Average delay is 14 minutes and 55 hours lost.