Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

We know dating can be tough and sometimes crazy! That’s why Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe are here to help. Listen every morning at 7a as they try and make a match! Here are all of our dating stories from May 2024.

  • 05/31/24 - He Was Very Convincing

    Nick works with Courtney and wants to ask her out. Our track record with these types of things don’t go well. Will it go well this time?

  • 05/30/24 - Should He Have Judged Her By Her Past?

    Erin wants another date with James. James’ reason for not calling her back is interesting.

  • 05/29/24 - He Could’ve Left It In The Car

    Justin didn’t tell us much about his date with Tabitha. He did say that it went well, but he can’t figure out why she isn’t calling him back.

  • 05/28/24 - He Was Trying To Make His Date Feel Special

    Rob and Marissa went out to dinner and that went well. After dinner they ended up going to another place for a drink. That’s where the problem happened.

  • 05/24/24 - He Could Learn A Few Tips

    Steven doesn’t understand why Mandy isn’t calling him back. She told us it had to do with her job and his issue with it.

  • 05/23/24 - This Does Sound Pretty Gross

    Taylor did something that Will thought was pretty gross on their date. She did have a good reason for doing it though.

  • 05/22/24 - At Least She Was Happy With The Date

    Kate thought her date with Marshall went great. When we told Marshall that Kate was on the phone he said Yikes. Not a good sign.

  • 05/21/24 - She Didn’t Seem Bothered By This

    They met at PCI and instantly hit it off. There was one little thing that she didn’t tell him though.

  • 05/17/24 - What Are The Chances Of This Happening To You

    Anna wants money from Jeff because of something that happened on their date. She can’t get a hold of him, so we did.

  • 05/16/24 - Eveyone Needs A Touch Up Sometimes

    Lauren and Chris went out on a date and Lauren wants to have another one. Chris told us about something she did that he didn’t really like.

  • 05/15/24 - He Probably Shouldn't Have Worn That

    Mark and Heather went to Welcome To The Farm in St. Pete. It was a group date, but now he wants to take her out one on one.


  • 05/14/24 - Stretching The Truth On A First Date Is Never Good

    Owen and Stacy went on a date and Owen is confused why she isn’t calling him back. Stacy used an interesting word when she described Owen.

  • 05/10/24 - This Got A Little Hairy

    Stephanie can’t figure out why Luke isn’t calling her back after their date. Luke told us about a big issue he had with her.

  • 05/09/24 - Is This A Parenting Problem?

    Shelly can’t understand why Tom is not calling her back after their date. We call Tom to find out what happened.

  • 05/08/24 - Does This Family Heirloom Got To Go?

    Rob told us that him and Katie both wanted to same things for their lives, but he hasn’t heard from her since the date. We got a hold of her to find out what happened.

  • 05/07/24 - This Sound A Little Sketchy On His Part

    Lance can’t Bri to go out on a first date with him. He needs our help to get a date with her.


  • 05/06/24 - This Is Always Going To Be A Problem For These Two

    Macy and Tony met online and then went out on a date. Macy is confused as to why Tony isn’t calling her back.

  • 05/03/24 - She's Done It Once, She Will Do It Again

    Julia cannot think of the reason why Noah is not calling her back for a second date. She even talked to her friends to see what they thought and they can’t think of a reason either.

  • 05/02/24 - We Thought She Liked Tattoos

    Shawn called us up confused as to why Tammy is responding to his calls. Shawn has some tattoos and Tammy likes tattoos, so what’s the problem? There is one BIG problem.

  • 05/01/24 - Run Tammy Run

    Miles told us that Tammy checked all the boxes after their date. What he failed to tell us was that Tammy didn’t like something she saw on his phone.

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