Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

We know dating can be tough and sometimes crazy! That’s why Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe are here to help. Listen every morning at 7a as they try and make a match! Here are all of our dating stories from March 2024.

  • 03/29/24 - Something's Wrong With This Story

    Lee and Courtney went bar hopping in Tarpon Springs, but now she isn’t getting back to him. It is for a pretty good reason.

  • 03/28/24 - This Date Stung

    Coling told us about his and Marie’s second date. They went to Fort De Soto and he got stung by a jellyfish. Is that the reason why she isn’t calling him back?

  • 03/27/24 - Things Are Expensive For Connor

    Connor and Rebecca went out on a date and Connor told us he felt the feelings were mutual between them. Rebecca told us about something in his past that is still a problem.

  • 03/26/24 - He Was Framed On This Date

    Hailey told us that she had a great date with Anthony. Anthony told us that they had a second date, but she brought something with her on the second date that was a little weird.

  • 03/25/24 - He Got That Tingling Feeling

    Alex is confused as to why Olivia is not calling him back after their first date. He told us they had a great time, but she didn’t like something he said.

  • 03/21/24 - It’s Not Bad To Have Goals

    Christy and Dennis went on a date and she revealed her goals to him. He didn’t like it.

  • 03/20/24 - Would You Have This Type Of Party For Your Kid?

    Jack told us that he has had multiple dates with Samantha. The last one he invited her to his nephew’s birthday party. She was cool with going to a kid’s birthday party. Now, she isn’t calling him back.

  • 03/19/24 - She Was Brutally Honest With Adam

    Becca was brutally honest as to why she is not calling Adam back for a second date. It was definitely a surprising reason.

  • 03/18/24 - Is Lack Of Experience A Good Or A Bad Thing?

    Rachel is confused as to why Nick is not calling him for a second date. When we got a hold of him he told us about Rachel lack of experience is a certain thing.

  • 03/08/24 - There Is No Way She Was Clear About This

    Aaron told us about his date with Tonya, but he is trying to get a second date with no luck. We got Tonya on the phone and couldn’t believe the reason why she isn’t calling him back.

  • 03/07/24 - A Poet’s Worst Nightmare

    Michael and Riley went on a date and Michael wants to know why she isn’t responding to his calls. She told us that he read her poetry while on the date.

  • 03/06/24 - Julia Was Just Doing Her Job

    They had hung out a couple of times, but then she invited him to a wedding. The thing is that she was the maid of honor.

  • 03/05/24 - Can’t Put A Price On A Good Time

    They had a coffee date and then had second date to a bowling alley. Jessica has stopped answering his calls ever since.

  • 03/04/24 - There Are Nicer Ways To Put This

    Randy called Lexi a 12 out of 10, but he hasn’t heard back from her since their date. We called Lexi to find out why.

  • 03/01/24 - Brunch Was A Bad Idea

    Chris and Melissa went on a date and Melissa told us that it went great. She hasn’t heard back from him and she hasn’t reached out to him either. He reached out to him and he answered.

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