Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

We know dating can be tough and sometimes crazy! That’s why Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe are here to help. Listen every morning at 7:15a as they try and make a match! Here are all of our dating stories from June 2023.

  • 06/30/23 - This Got Creepy Quick

    Alec was really confident when he called in to us to tell us about his date with Brooke. After we got her on the phone she told us about creepy things that happened.

  • 06/29/23 - I Don't Wannt Judge...But

    Deanna actually called us because he has called her back since their first date. She is confused as to why.

  • 06/28/23 - Nerves Got The Best Of Him

    Brendan sounded nervous when we talked to him about his date with Laura. He waited a week after their first date to call her back. Can a second date still happen?

  • 06/27/23 - Money Talks Too Much

    Samantha and Jacob went on a date and she told us that she is not used to not getting calls back after a date. Well, Jacob hasn’t called her back, but gave us a good reason why.

  • 06/26/23 - This Is A Bad Subject For A First Date

    Blake and Jessica went out to dinner in Downtown St. Pete. Blake brought up something on the date that Jessica did not like.

  • 06/23/23 - Chris Might've Thought Too Out Of The Box For This One

    Chris took Jennifer on their date to a drive-in movie. Great idea, right? Well, Jennifer hasn’t called him back since the date.

  • 06/22/23 - Melissa Seemed Pretty Confident In Her Parenting

    Conner is a single parent and got set up through mutual friends with Melissa. Melissa is also a single parent, but she hasn’t called him back.

  • 06/21/23 - Does She Really Need This Much Attention?

    Carrie and Rob watch the sunset together on the beach after their date. Carrie told us everything was great, but now he isn’t calling her back.

  • 06/20/23 - She Could've Come Up With A Better Excuse Than This

    Steve is bummed out because he hasn’t heard back from his date, Erica. We got her on the phone to find out what happened.

  • 06/19/23 - This Is Not A Good To Reason To Cancel A Date

    Trina cancelled her date with Ben at the last minute. Now, he hasn’t heard from her since, so he needs our help getting in touch with her.

  • 06/16/23 - Farmer's Only

    Noah had a very unique taste in animals which was a little alarming to Courtney. We think Courtney overreacted a bit!

  • 6/15/23- Life's A Trip

    Seth had an interesting approach to impressing his date Alexis. Turns out she might have been a little more embarrassed than impressed.

  • 06/14/23 - 2 Friendly

    Bri and Kurt met at The Meat Market. Bri called us up because she wants a date with Kurt. When we called him he told us why he isn’t calling her.

  • 06/13/23 - Not a Happy Ending

    Brian knows his date, Jillian, through friends. So, he decided for their first date they should get a couples massage. Definitely different for a first dat, but did she like it?

  • 06/12/23 - Hello, Me Name Is...

    Tara called us up because she wanted a second date with Thomas. When we got Thomas on the phone he told us something about her child he didn’t like.

  • 06/09/23 - Drama Queen

    Patrick told us about his date with Stephanie where they went to Mellow Mushroom. He told us she didn’t mind the casual setting for the date. Stephanie told us the real reason she isn’t calling him back.

  • 06/08/23 - My Demands

    Dawn and Cameron had a nice first date, but he told us about some demands she has.

  • 06/07/23 - The Flex

    He told us that they had a great dinner date to Ocean Prime. He paid for everything, but doesn’t know why she isn’t calling him back.

  • 06/06/23 - Sunday Dinner

    They had one date then he invites her to Sunday dinner with her family. Was this too much too soon?

  • 06/05/23 - Groundhog Day

    Samantha and Nick had two dates, so obviously things were going well. Samantha wants another date, but now Nick isn’t calling her back.

  • 06/02/23 - Surprising Discovery

    Rich and Lori went to Top Golf for their date. It is something that Lori discovered that has caused her not to call Rich back.

  • 06/01/23 - Three's Company

    Alexis said she and Kurt had a great first date, but he hasn’t called her back. Kurt said she left something out of her online profile that turned him off.

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