Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

We know dating can be tough and sometimes crazy! That’s why Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe are here to help. Listen every morning at 7a as they try and make a match! Here are all of our dating stories from February 2024.

  • 02/29/24 - This Is A Big Deal For Her

    Ryan and Emily had a couple of dates and he even cooked for her at “his place”. His place turned out to be not his place and she doesn’t like it.

  • 02/28/24 - This Sounds Like A Fun Date To Us

    They went to a Lightning game, which is awesome. She hasn’t heard from him since.

  • 02/27/24 - Did I Hear What I Think I Just Heard?

    Olivia had butterflies in the stomach when she was on her date with Jack. He said she is way too “country bumpkin” for him. You’ll see why he said that.

  • 02/26/24 - Better Put A Rush On That

    Ashley and John have been on three dates. So obviously they like each other. He is looking for a fourth date, but now she isn’t responding.

  • 02/23/24 - This Would’ve Always Been A Problem For These Two

    Nina told us that she has been on a few dates with Justin. They even shared their first kiss on their second date. Now, he isn’t calling her back.

  • 02/22/24 - Is This A Risk Worth Taking?

    Diana really wants to see Cole again, but he isn’t calling her for a second date. There is a big risk in this.

  • 02/21/24 - Things Got A Little Cheesy

    They went to the Cheesecake Factory for their first date, and Christie told us that they had a great time. She has reached out to Andrew, but he has not responded back to her. We get a hold of him to find out why he isn’t calling her back.

  • 02/20/24 - Aubrey Has Some Trust Issues

    Aubrey and Rob had a nice first date according to Rob. His buddies told him to call us up to try and get a hold of Aubrey for him. We did.

  • 02/16/24 - He Was Just Trying To Be A Good Dad

    Emily had a problem with something that happened on her date with Brian.

  • 02/15/24 - Maybe A Little Too Stylish For Him

    Emily told us that she and Ricky have been on two dates. They even shared a kiss. Ricky has a problem with something she wore.

  • 02/14/24 - Could You Imagine If He Confronted Her?

    Brett and Kim went on a dinner date and even talked about going on another date. That’s hasn’t happened and it all because of something Brett saw.

  • 02/13/24 - The Joke Was On Him

    He told us that they got to know each other pretty quick. He also said she has a contagious personality. Now she isn’t calling him back.

  • 02/12/24 - Heavy First Date Conversation

    Brian had a lot of nice things to say about his date, Maddie. She isn’t calling him back since their date, but we got a hold of her.

  • 02/09/24 - Someone Needs To Check The Cameras

    Dana wanted to call out Luke for something that happened on their date. Who do you believe?

  • 02/08/24 - We Are Protesting A Second Date

    Larissa told us that she and Garrett had a great connection on their date. They even shared a kiss, but Garrett isn’t calling her back.

  • 02/07/24 - Michael’s Really Looking For An Introduction

    They had been hanging out for about a month and now he has dropped off. Kayla needs our help getting answers and another date.

  • 02/06/24 - Who Would Cover The Co-Pay?

    Nicole told us that John talked about crazy stuff on their date. Including going to therapy.

  • 02/05/24 - You’re Either On Or You’re Off

    They were set up by friends and had a first date. There hasn’t been a second date and Ben needs our help.

  • 02/02/24 - If You Saw This, You’d Do The Same Thing

    Dani called us up looking for another date with Brandon. She told us that they were making out on their first date and he was in to her. Now, he isn’t calling her back and it’s for a pretty obvious reason.

  • 02/01/24 - She Was Not Batting Her Eyes At This

    Michelle and Doug had a casual date and then had a formal date for their second date. Doug noticed something about her on the second date that he didn’t like.

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