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We have compiled a list of Tampa Bay Morning Krewe’s funniest videos. J.R. is getting ready to celebrate his 3rd year anniversary coming up in March. So, we want to highlight some of the funniest moments we’ve had on the show.

We love sharing what is going on in our personal lives and it seems we never run out of material.  Even when times get tough (Launa Drama) we always try and look for the positive and keep laughing through life and not letting stuff drag us down.

Because we are all such great friends, it is easy to laugh at ourselves.  There have been tons of great moments we get to share with you on the air each morning.  Like, Launa attempting a back-hand-spring for the first time in 20+ years, J.R.’s home getting flooded, Launa getting engaged, J.R. walking on Legos after losing a bet, Kevin rapping to Snoop Dogg and many more…and luckily we’ve captured it all on video!

Can’t tell you how much we appreciate you choosing us to listen to each morning on your commute here in Tampa Bay.  We hope that the goofiness we give entertains ya just a little bit.

Check out some of Tampa Bay Morning Krewe’s funniest videos and moments on the show.  Which one is your favorite?