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Riverview ranks #3 on a list of the safest cities in Florida. This report comes from Uphomes.com, which ranked the Top 15 safest cities in Florida. To come up with the list they looked at things like: County violent crime rates, city violent crime rates, County property crime rates, County natural disaster risk index rating (FEMA index), city median income, city poverty rate and city population density.

When you are looking for house you want to find a city that is safe. This report is a great way to see what they think the safest cities in Florida are.

Riverview is #3 on the list and it is home to almost 110,000 people. Here is what they say about Riverview, “Compared to Florida residents’ average age of 42, Riverview is a younger city with an average age of 36. Combine Riverview’s low violent and property crime rates with its high average income, and it’s no surprise to see Riverview comes out at number three overall in our rankings.”

There are seven Tampa Bay area cities that are in the Top 15. Whether you are looking for a home or already live in one of these cities then the list is a good one to be on. Check out the Top 10 cities below.

  • The Villages

    Located just south of Ocala, The Villages comes in #1 on the list. The Villages is an active adult community for people over the age of 55.

    The villages, FL

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  • Palm Coast

    Located just south of St. Augustine, Palm Coast come sin at #2 on the list. Around 90,000 people live in Palm Coast.

    Colorful stilted vacation houses on stilts at oceanfront waterfront of Atlantic ocean beach by mangrove forest in summer at Palm Coast, Florida

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  • Riverview

    A town of almost 110,000, Riverview is the #3 safest city in Florida. The violent crime rate per 100,000 is 1,400.

    Aerial shot of Alafia River in Brandon, Tampa, Florida

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  • North Port

    Located just north of Ft. Myers, North Port comes in at #4.


  • Brandon

    Another city right her in the Tampa Bay area. Brandon is the #5 safest city in Florida. Brandon has around 115,000 people. Brandon is the birthplace of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s.


  • Spring Hill

    Another Tampa Bay area city comes in at #6. Spring Hill has almost 115,000 that live in the city.

  • Wesley Chapel

    The fourth Tampa Bay area city in the Top 10. Only around 65,000 call Wesley Chapel home.

    Drone shot of the Overpass Road Bridge Replacement and Upgrade in Wesley Chapel, Florida, USA

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  • Tampa

    Tampa comes in at #8 for safest cities in Florida. This is just the city of Tampa, which has a population of around 385,000 people.

    Skyline of downtown Tampa on the Hillsborough river under a foggy sky

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  • Town ‘n’ Country

    This area in the Tampa area has around 85,000 people. It also is the #9 safest city in Florida.

  • Cape Coral

    Situated right next to Ft. Myers, Cape Coral comes in at #10.

    Cape Coral Florida At Night

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