Stone Cold Steve Austin: 5 Classic Moments in Honor of #316Day

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most iconic figures in WWE history. No wonder he has his own unofficial holiday: #316Day. Actually, we take that back. Austin himself declared #316Day a National Holiday on the March 16, 2020 episode of Raw. It's a surreal sight to see this entire segment, which took place in the very early days of the coronavirus pandemic. It's also more sureal that you still can't see the person that throws Austin his beers.   #316Day really started to take off thanks to social media. Plenty of fans would share their favorite Austin moments. Some would film themselves pounding beers like the Texas Rattlesnake, himself. It's almost an all too-appropriate holiday before St. Patrick's Day, when you think about it. Without further ado, take off your pants, crack a beer and celebrate #316Day before we stomp a mudhole in your a** and walk it dry! If you can't have a Broken Skull IPA just yet, you can celebrate #316Day by enjoying the clips below of “Stone Cold” moments. (WARNING: Some NSFW language ahead.)

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