This Florida City Ranks 3rd Best Nationally For Gamers

Gaming isn’t what it used to be. Back in the day you couldn’t make a living playing Donkey Kong or Zelda on the N64. If gaming is your thing, then you might be wondering where is the best city for gaming in the United States. Thanks to the researchers over at ThePrivacyJournal.com, we have that information for you. You’d think that it can be done anywhere, but like any industry, there are hotspots. If you want to move to Florida and pursue a career in gaming, you’re in luck. Three Florida cities rank in the top 10 and Tampa clocks in as the 3rd best city for gaming in the United States. The researchers that conducted this study took into account the livability, internet structure, gaming community and retail access, as well as gaming career & educational opportunities. Tampa, Florida has been one of the fastest growing cities in the past few years. With so much to do and a young population, Tampa has everything you’d look for in a new destination. Tampa is not the only  Florida city to make the top 10 list. Orlando sits at number 5 and Jacksonville at number 9. What Makes Tampa A Good City For Gaming? Well, internet speeds come in at the top of the list for gamers. You want a fast internet speed that can handle anything you play and one that won’t drop connection. Even Though we have things like online ordering with 2-day delivery, you probably still want stores close by where you can buy your games and accessories. Another reason Tampa comes in at number three overall is the amount of resources for educational growth and career opportunities within the gaming industry. New York is number one on the list and only has 3 resources for career and education. Raleigh is number two with 11 resources. Tampa may not be number one overall, but if you want great weather and the opportunity to learn and grow within the industry, Tampa is the place to be. Here Is The Full Top 10 List: 1.New York City, NY 2. Raleigh, NC 3. Tampa, FL 4. Lost Angeles, CA 5. Orlando, FL 6. Columbus, OH 7. Frisco, TX 8. Austin, TX 9. Jacksonville, FL 10. Plano, TX

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