SeaQuest has 10 unique locations across the country where they encourage visitors to learn about exotic animals. Now they are providing riveting information on Monsters. In a recent blog post, SeaQuest explains their curiosity in learning more about what “mythical creatures” people are interested in. It turns out Florida’s most googled monster jumped right out at them.

The Skunk Ape!

To determine which state frequently typed monster names in google, SeaQuest dug deep into their records to compile data. Their results showed there are 325,000 Google searches for “Skunk Ape” in Florida alone per year. It’s now 325,001 searches because I just googled more information on what a Skunk Ape actually is.

What is a Skunk Ape?

A Skunk Ape is an “ape-like” creature that inhabits swamps and forests, mostly in the southeast. Southeast and swamps – I’m starting to see the Florida connection. All That’s Interesting describes the Skunk Ape as the Sunshine State’s Answer to Bigfoot. “The ‘Swamp Sasquatch,’ also known as the Florida Skunk Ape is a 6’6″, 450-pound hairy, smelly ape that roams the Everglades,” they explain. There’s even a Skunk Ape headquarters in Ochopee, Florida. SeaQuest’s report states that a Skunk Ape has been seen in every county in Florida. In fact, they are still being spotted today.

Other Monsters

Not every state was fortunate enough to have a ranked monster. But others interesting to note include the Red Devil in New Jersey, Mothman in West Virginia, Bigfoot in Washington, and Skinwalkers in New Mexico.

Floridians can seek comfort in the fact that their monster is not easily hidden. At that height and size there a good chance you would hear if a Skunk Ape was around the corner. There’s an even better chance you could smell it, hence the name.

Check out SeaQuest’s full blog about the most googled monsters (including honorable mention) here.

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