Kane Brown is teasing a brand new song on his Instagram, and from its look and sounds, it will be a fun one. Kane released a video of himself singing and moving his feet as he sat on a white couch with a palm tree in the window behind him.

With his trademark smile, Kane sang, “Cold beers and deer stands / All of my best friends / Right where that river bends / Can I get an amen? / I hope I never gotta leave it / If there’s somewhere that can beat it / I don’t know how, I don’t know how / I said yeah, heaven’s got some boots to fill / ‘Cause God knows I’ve got one hell of a hometown.”

He posted to Instagram, “Heaven’s got some boots to fill ’cause God knows I got one hell of a hometown.”

Fans loved the new tune, with one writing, “Love the couch moves…keep on enjoying…great tune.” Another fan commented, “Oooh, that’s going to be a banger.” One more fan observed, “You seriously can’t put out a bad song.”

From the lyrics, it looks like the song will be called “Hell Of A Hometown,” and it’s not the first song Brown has sung about his hometown.

In 2016 on his debut album, Kane sang a song called “Hometown.” He sings in that chorus, “All I wanna do is make my hometown proud / Make them turn it up loud, roll them windows down / All I wanna do is make my hometown proud.”

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Kane recently spoke with ET Canada about the new music he has been writing, and it’s a bit dark. Kane said, “I will say I have a couple of songs that are a little bit darker about mental health. And then I have a song called ‘Learning,’ that I went a little bit more in-depth over the stuff that I went through. So I’m really excited about the music that we’re writing right now.”

Brown added that he’s been doing a lot of writing, “I’ve been writing a lot of music. I actually wrote three the other day. I’m super excited about this new music, so I’m just going to keep writing. We have the No. 1 song right now, me and my wife, so I gotta get something else pretty soon.”

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