Kane Brown recently spoke with ET Canada about the new music he has been writing, and it’s a bit dark. Kane said, “I will say I have a couple of songs that are a little bit darker about mental health, and then I have a song called ‘Learning,’ that I went a little bit more in-depth over the stuff that I went through, so I’m really excited about the music that we’re writing right now.”

Brown added that he’s been doing a lot of writing, “I’ve been writing a lot of music. I actually wrote three the other day. I’m super excited about this new music, so I’m just going to keep writing. We have the No. 1 song right now, me and my wife, so I gotta get something else pretty soon.”

Kane also said that he is getting more personal with his struggles. He offered, “I’ve always been pretty open about that stuff. And the longer I’m in the business, I just get more and more comfortable [talking about it], but a lot of people are talking about it now, and I think it’s making it a little bit more easier for other people to talk about it, as well.”

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Brown says he’s been writing everywhere lately, even overseas, “If we write on the road, we write on the bus. It’s rare that we do, but if I don’t write for a long period of time, I start itching. So we just did it in Europe recently, and I got a lot of songs out there with some people from my publishing team.”

Kane also chatted about his daughters, Kingsley and Kodi Jane, at home in Nashville. The proud dad gushed, “It’s amazing. My one-year-old has a crazy personality now, smiling all the time, saying, ‘Daddy.’ My three-year-old tells me she loves me if I get her juice. ‘I love you, Dad’ is like the best feeling in the world and just playing and running around the house.” He added, “Her scream is so loud. It hurts your ears, but it’s just fun.”

Brown’s first number-one song with his wife Katelyn is more than a chart-topper; it is a baby tamer. Kane says, “I have people tell me all the time that my music makes their kids stop crying, so when our one-year-old’s crying, we put on ‘Thank God,’ and immediately, she stops. It’s cool just to see them watch me on TV, but now they get to watch me and their mom, so that’s the best part.”

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