Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe



Tampa Bay's Morning Krewe

The ONLY Local Country Morning Show in Tampa Bay! Meet Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe!


J.R. is the host of Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe on 99.5 QYK. He started with QYK in 2020 after moving to Tampa Bay from Texas. In addition to radio J.R. also has appeared on television shows including Nickelodeon’s “Victorious.”  J.R. and Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe aim to create entertaining content about local events, concerts, and the country music genre as a whole.

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Launa is a native of Minnesota and grew up in Prior Lake. She went to college at UW-Madison, WI and after that, she decided she had enough of the cold and snow and wanted to live on the beach. Launa is part of Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe on 99.5 WQYKShe has been with the station for 7 years and joined J.R. and Kevin on the morning show 4 years agoSince then, they have been nominated for not only a CMA but also an ACM. Launa has been in radio for the past 28 years and in the Tampa Bay market for 22 of those years. While working in radio, Launa has also served as an entertainment reporter on a local TV show and has hosted many charity events in the communityUsing her popularity from QYK, Launa loves to help raise money for shelter animals and has been a volunteer at local shelters for yearsLauna loves the community and writes articles on local news, entertainment, and events and highlights people who are shining in Tampa Bay that she knows others like her would also be interested in reading.    


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Kevin  is a member of Tampa Bay‘s Hometown Morning Krewe on 995 QYK. He has been with the station for 25 years, is a Tampa native, and went to Jesuit High School and USF. Go Bulls!. He is passionate about all things Tampa Bay. Kevin writes articles on the ongoing road projects around the Tampa Bay area, awards that Tampa Bay cities and businesses have won and country music happenings around the Bay area He is always doing many things with his wife and kids. He loves to read books and play video games in his spare time. 

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